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Clear Measure, Inc.

Project Description
CodeCampServer is a free, open source Code Camp management web application. Built on the ASP.NET MVC Framework, this project was founded by Jeffrey Palermo and has been contributed to by many people over the past year+. CodeCampServer is in active development, and uses MvcContrib

If you'd like to contribute, let me know: jeffrey a t palermo d o-t cc

The source code is hosted here on codeplex using Mercurial
The discussion list is:
The developer list is:

To contribute, join the discussion list, pick an issue, discuss it over email, and then contribute a SVN patch. To upload a patch, create the patch, then comment the issue and attach the patch file to the issue. A project commiter will evaluate and apply the patch. Those who show commitment to this project through patches will be made committters.

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